Warning! Seasonal Behavior Approaching!

It’s hot now, but fall and winter are fast approaching.  Often, as I sit shivering near the fireplace, I think, “What happened to summer when I was complaining about the heat?”  It seems like we just forget that the weather changes so quickly in many areas of the country.  This year, I’m working to think and plan ahead for the upcoming winter months: gathering firewood, prepping meals and going through the kids’ winter clothing.

Whether they’re migratory or not, birds have seasonal behaviors, too.  The fact of the matter is this:  the same features of your property that attract humans also will attract birds.  Man-made environments create ideal spots for birds to roost, feed and nest.  If you had birds on your property last year, odds are you’ll not only have those birds this year, but you’ll also have the fledglings that were born over the summer months.  Flocks of birds like starlings and grackles can reach astounding sizes (numbering into the millions!).

A large flock of Starlings in England

While immense flocks of starlings may be awe-inspiring to look at, masses of any kind of bird create big problems for property owners and site managers.  Nesting birds create hazards with their bodies and flammable nesting material.  Some birds, like Canada geese can become extremely aggressive, while other properties deal with other unpleasant issues: the ‘poo factor’.

Bird droppings create problems even further than just the unsightliness of the droppings.  Bird droppings are corrosive, damaging equipment and catwalks.  They become extremely slippery when wet, and are known vectors for many diseases and parasitic infections.  Droppings can foul inventory and raw materials when birds nest in manufacturing areas and warehouses.

Winter is coming and roosting, feeding, nesting birds are coming with it.  What do you do?  We’ll talk more about that in future postings, but for now, rest assured that Flock Fighters USA has you covered.  You can contact us, and we’ll put together a specific plan, tailored for your site.  Your site CAN be bird free: effectively and efficiently.


About RJ

As the Publications Manager for several local companies, I design and maintain digital and physical publications. I also homeschool my children and am working in local and international missions. Visit my personal blog at WeebleCastle.com!
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