Flock Fighters USA is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and works with homeowners and companies locally, nationally and around the world to rid all kinds of sites of nuisance birds.  We pride ourselves in our ability to accurately assess all bird problems and implement solutions applicable to the site and species of bird.   No site is too large or too small.  If you want to do the work yourself, Flock Fighters USA can train your staff or local PCO and provide them with the right product and machinery to make you successful.  Support is only a phone call away. 

FLOCK FIGHTERS USA takes seriously our personal connection with our clients.  We are proud when our assistance results in your satisfaction. As experienced applicators, we are able to assist with any problems that may occur along the way.  We are dedicated to your success in creating a safe, healthy environment.

FLOCK FIGHTERS USA is the nation’s leader in chemical bird aversion!

FLOCK FIGHTERS USA is experienced in the application of all Methyl Anthranilate (MA) products: we have expelled more birds than any other applicator. We also supply more product and equipment than any other supplier.

FLOCK FIGHTERS USA recognizes that each site is unique in need: by geography, by climate, by function, and by numbers and species of birds. We administer technologies and procedures to match the requirements of each site and species of birds.

FLOCK FIGHTERS USA will implement a system specifically designed for the requirements of your site. If you would like to engineer your own system, we will provide you with the training and support necessary to help you expel your nuisance birds.

FLOCK FIGHTERS USA continues to lead the way in aerosol bird aversion through the development and utilization of new technologies.

 We would be happy to discuss with you the requirements of your site. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


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